Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SLLU FN Boycott Notifications

The following is a list of Second Life Merchants and Creators that we would ask you to consider boycotting. Each of these sell and/or makes at least one object that features graphic depictions of sexual violence.

If you do choose to boycott a maker or retailer, we would ask you to consider sending a notecard in-world to that resident to inform them of your decision: this will provide him or her with tangible evidence that the boycott is having an effect upon business.

This list will be updated periodically. Creators and retailers who remove the items on this boycott list will be removed from the list itself.


Dipp Canning (Dipp Dexines Bdsm Toys)
Item(s): BDDSM Wicker Man-boxed; BDDSM Head Locked; BDDSM "Cum-fortable"; BDDSM Staked & Raped 2; BDDSM Staked & Raped; BDDSM Devil's Prong; DD Spiker; K&D Beauty Rest; DD Exposed; Rear Hang Whipping Rack; K&D Neck Hang; DD Inflamed; DD Fireplace X Hang; DD Arm Wrencher; DD BDSM Barb-B-Cue

Gala Phoenix (Curio)
Item(s): Battle Royale Skins

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