About the SLLU Feminist Network

This Consumer Watch is a publication of the SL Left Unity Feminist Network, a group who meet regularly in Second Life to discuss issues of importance to women and to female avatars.  We are also committed to exploring courses of action that will improve the lives and experiences of women in both "real life" and Second Life. Our aim is to provide a tolerant, open, and inclusive forum for discussion. Membership or participation in the SL Left Unity Feminist Network is open to anyone, regardless of gender or identity in Second Life or "real life," who is interested in engaging with the issues that form the core of our mandate. In the true spirit of feminist inclusiveness, we welcome the respectful and thoughtful expression of a diverse range of opinions, and value the contributions to discussion of all members of our group equally. While many members of the Network would call themselves feminists, we acknowledge that feminism is not monolithic; there are many philosophical approaches to issues of gender. Group decisions are arrived at non-judgmentally through consensus, and without hostility, aggression, or discrimination.

Our "parent" organization, SL Left Unity, is part of a world-wide left unity movement in Second Life. We are a diverse group, united in our pursuit of social justice and anti-capitalism.

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